Trevor Wright
Principal - Owner
Wright and Associates
Financial Services

Trevor Wright is the principal and owner for Wright and Associates Financial Services. Trevor has been an entrepreneur and financial advisor for over 31 years now with several certifications from the Canadian Securities Institute. Trevor first started out as president of successful Subway franchises and then moved into providing financial services and wealth management to his clients. Trevor experienced first hand the issues faced by small business ownership and he now provides specialized experience in financial services for small business.  Trevor created Wright and Associates Financial Services in 2010 to bring together the best technology and financial partners to service his clients. Trevor's knowledge and focus on the financial services and wealth management industry has enabled him and Wright and Associates Financial Services to be a leader in the industry.  Always open and approachable, Trevor believes in providing clear guidance to his clients and keeping them informed every step of the way in an ever changing financial marketplace.

Wright and Associates Financial Services Partners

Glidepath works with financial planners to custom manage ETF portfolios to support unique cash flow plans so that clients can confidently and comfortably achieve desired spending goals.

Justwealth provides a comprehensive online portfolio management platform and a team committed to providing honest, smart and cost-effective wealth management.

BCV Asset Management Inc. is an asset management firm dedicated to building and protecting client wealth, seeking to maximize long-term returns while minimizing risk.

BCV Asset Management Inc. portfolio management solution is provided by National Bank Independent Network


Wright & Associates have been awarded the Top 3 Best Rated Financial Services provider. Handpicked using a 50-Point Inspection including reviews, reputation, history, ratings, nearness, satisfaction, trust, cost, reviews and excellence.

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